PHILEO presents an architectured vision on footwear. Enchanted by the mystique hidden in dynamic engineering, or the spirit evoked by machine movement – playing with the Sublime.

“Persistance of Vision” may be the notion that overall encapsulates PHILEOs overall aesthetic best: the apparent fiery trail of a burning stick while it is whirled around in the
dark, or the dynamic persistence of fast-moving vehicles in the human eye after they are already in a different place.

As such, PHILEO design brings simultaneously timeless and rather contemporary shapes, oscillating between the mechanik and the transcendent.

Philéo Landowski grew up in a peculiar milieu of Parisian philosophers, authors, and artists. When only 13 years old he founded his first brand, called Bunker Scootering, with the designer Flavien Mollard, before stopping his formal education at the age of 16. Philéo thereafter opted to educate himself strictly by experience. 

In 2017 he posted before the doors of Phoebe Philo’s Céline to get himself an internship. There he would discover fashion for the first time. The years thereafter Philéo found a range of side jobs and course programs to prepare himself for what he now identified as his main purpose: starting a pathbreaking footwear label. 

In 2019 he managed to do so: PHILEO saw the light of day. The brand was almost immediately picked up by Dover Street Market, where PHILEO’s footwear has had a presence ever since. 

Philéo himself would thereafter pick-up an Artistic Consultant position for Salomon’s brand new Sportstyle division in 2020, shortly after celebrating his 18th birthday – there he would design the Speedverse PRG, which blew up in the global footwear and fashion scene as Salomon’s very first sneaker. 

Simultaneously, the brand PHILEO would steadily grow as well. Today the brand is present in over 35 high-end footwear and fashion stores across Asia and Europe – including SSENSE, Dover Street Markets, and LN-CC.