Drawing inspiration from all generations, PHILEO is inspired by personal artistic references, the course of life and the dreams of its creator - creating a fundamentally collaborative, emotional and responsible world.


Established as a collaborative platform, PHILEO mixes artistic languages and disciplines formed in his experience - the source of ever-flowing ideas.

Rooted in the physical world, the brand strives to connect each season with peoples coming from completely different walks of life and creates surrounded by inspirational projects.


As an extension of himself, the brand is Philéo's means of expression to share his world's vision.

Raw and intimate, his creations relate to past roads taken; memories and passions resulting in the creation of new emotion when they are brought together.


Driven by a rational mindset and an environnemental and social consciousness, PHILEO aims to create a virtuous future.

Mades in Portugal, each collections strives to improve carbon footprint - using non-animal materials and choosing carefully its materials to create with minimum ecological impact.