• 005.2 - DERBY (Canvas Patchwork)
  • 005.2 - DERBY (Canvas Patchwork)
  • 005.2 - DERBY (Canvas Patchwork)

005.2 - DERBY (Canvas Patchwork)

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Introducing the 005.2 - DERBY, a contemporary twist on Philéo’s grandad shoes. 

Featuring PHILEO Protocoles signature sole, the 005.2 - DERBY is a statement shoes for modern nostalgics. The design is accentuated by a stitch line surlining its movement. 

Crafted with Apple Skin® this shoe is then assembled in Portugal - embodying the spirit of PHILEO Protocoles.

  • Canvas - Cotton 100%
  • Non-leather - Recycled PL 50% 
  • TPR Micro - Recycled TPR 49%

Handmade in Portugal 

‡380 grams/feet